Dr. h.c. Huub Lelieveld

President, Global Harmonization Initiative
Vienna, Austria

Dr. Firouz Darroudi

Genome Scan Unlimited, The Netherlands, and senior research consultant on
Radiation Genetic and Chemical Mutagenesis to IAEA, UNESCO and WHO

Dr. Veslemøy Andersen

GHI Ambassador Norway
Series Editor Nutrition and Health aspects of Traditional and Ethnic Foods
Co- Chair WG Global Incident Alert Networks, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Vienna, Austria

Prof. Lilia M. Ahrné

Professor in dairy process technology at University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof. Paola Pittia

Full Professor of Food Technology at the Faculty of Bioscience and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment and Delegate of the Rector for Internationalisation of the University of Teramo.
Teramo, Italy

Prof. Dr. Stanley Brul

Professor of Molecular Biology, Director Biomedical Sciences University of Amsterdam, Head Dept. of Molecular Biology & Microbial Food Safety, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam and Co-Chair WG Food Microbiology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Wentzel Gelderblom

Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Tygerberg, South Africa

Dr. John Holah

Technical Director, Holchem Laboratories Ltd
Bury, United Kingdom

Dr. Pablo Juliano

Principal Research Scientist at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Werribee, VIC., Australia

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Knorr

Technological University Berlin, Editor, Innovative Food Science & Technologies (IFSET) and Past President IUFoST
Berlin, Germany

Prof. Dr. Olga Martín-Belloso

Professor of Food Science and Technology at University of Lleida, and Head of the research group Novel Technologies for Food Processing
Lleida, Spain

Prof. Dr. Bernd Van der Meulen

European Institute for Food Law and Co-Chair WG Food Laws & Regulations, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Dr. Jun Nishihira

Vice President and the Director of Center of Health Information Science Center, Hokkaido Information University
Hokkaido, Japan

Dr. Ismail Odetokun

Department of Veterinary Public Health & Preventive Medicine, University of Ilorin (Ibadan) and Co-Chair WG Food Safety in Relation to Religious Dietary Laws, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Ilorin, Nigeria

Prof. Dr. Indrawati Oey

Head of the Food Science Department at the University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

Hon. Prof. Dr. Ruth K. Oniang’o

Editor-in-Chief, African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and
Development (AJFAND)
Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Peter Overbosch

Chair, WG Ethics in Food Safety Practices, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Vienna, Austria

Prof. Dr. Vlasta Piližota

University of J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Faculty of Food Technology and Full Member Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Osijek, Croatia

Prof. Franco Pedreschi Plasencia

Head of the Department of the Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chili and Co-Chair WG Chemical Food Safety, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Santiago, Chile

Dr. Vishweshwaraiah Prakash

Vice President, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), Former Director of CFTRI and Distingusihed Scientist of CSIR (India) and Co-Chair WG Nutrition, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Mysore, India

Prof. Dr. Marco Dalla Rosa

Full Professor of Food Technology, Food Design and innovation at University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy

Dr. Amauri Rosenthal

Researcher, Food Technology and Food Engineering, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prof. Dr. Livia Simon Sarkadi

Full professor and head of the Department of Food Chemistry and Nutrition at the Faculty of Food Science, Corvinus University of Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

Prof. Dr. Aurora A. Saulo

Professor and the Extension Specialist in Food Technology of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources of the University of Hawaii
Honolulu, USA

Dr. Mark Shamtsyan

St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, Department of Technology of Microbiological Syntheses and Co-Chair WG Mycotoxins, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Dr. Xianming Shi

Professor in Food Microbiology, Head of Department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai, China

Prof. Gunnar Sigge

Associate-Professor and Head of the Department of Food Science, Stellenbosch University
Cape Town, South Africa

Associate Prof. PHD Iuliana Vintilă

Faculty of Food Science and Engineering, Dunarea de Jos University of Galati and Co-Chair WG Nutrition, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Galati, Romania

Prof. Dr. Chin-Kun Wang

Former President Chung Shan Medical University, Honorary President
Nutrition Society of Taiwan and Co-Chair, WG Global Incident Alert Networks, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Taichung, Taiwan

Prof. Dr. Aman Wirakartakusumah

Scientific Director at International life sciences institutes (ILSI), South East Asia region
Bogor, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. An-I Yeh

Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University and Co-Chair WG Nanotechnology, Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Dr. Marcel Zwietering

Professor in Food Microbiology, Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen ,The Netherlands