Prof. Lilia M. Ahrné

Lilia Ahrné is professor in dairy process technology at University of Copenhagen. Prof Lilia Ahrné has a MSc in food engineering from the School of Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Portugal which included a 6-month trainingship in Germany at Fraunhofer Institute. She got a PhD in food engineering from the same university in collaboration with University of California Davis. In 1994, she moved to Sweden to perform a PostDoc project hosted by Tetra Pak in collaboration with Lund University. After the PhD she worked for Tetra Pak Processing Systems R&D until the family moved to Gothenburg. After carrying out a second PostDoc with Kraft General Food, she got a senior research position at SIK- The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology. During 10 years she was the director of the department for Process and Technology Development at SIK and adjunct professor in Food Engineering at Chalmers Technical University. She president of EFFoST (European Federation of Food Science and Technology) and member of the National Committee for Nutrition and Food Sciences of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) . She is very engaged in promoting food research and her own research interests are to understand the effect of processing on physical, chemical and structural characteristics of foods, and use this knowledge to develop new processes and products. Processes under study include both traditional and novel technologies. She has been involved in the supervision of 17 PhD students and has more than 50 publications in refereed scientific journals and is the inventor of a patent.