Prof. Dr. Miomir Niksic

Dr Miomir Nisic is Professor of Food , Industrial Microbiology and Mushroom Science, Chief of the Department of Food and Industrial Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. He has over 35 years of teaching experience working with undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students with microbial control of food, mushrooms science and applied mycology and over 30 years of professional experience in solving technological troubleshooting trace back problems in food and pharmaceutical companies. He is researcher (more than 185 papers) and developer of new mushroom products (nutraceuticals) for food and pharmaceutical industry and consultant in cultivation of medicinal and industrial mushrooms. He is also doing training and evaluation of specialist in food microbiology, food hygiene, food safety and hygienic engineering & design. He is senior international consultant of UN World Bank and IFC in Food Safety, in policy development, in drafting legislation as well in supporting institutional reforms.